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fairy tales


kisho opa yiok yieyio lang inkatin sidan eton itu kirura.kanyor opa nabo naji Cindarella.kebuita ninye we nkaini engotonye o tenebo onkanashera enyenak.nakeibae opa ninye oleng,neinyali sii.ore enkolong nabo neeta olkingi eranyare tenkang enye,nepuo nkanashera e cindarella neingua ninye tesiadi meisuja intokiting' anaa oshiake.nepuku ng'otonye natoiwuo tenkurare neisho enkila sidai,oo nkamuka wee mbarata naya ilo sirua. 


my mother gave us fairy tale stories before we go to sleep.i loved one story for Cindarella.she lived with her step mother and her step sisters.they hated her very much and mistreated her as well.one day their was a dance at the kings palace,cindarella's sister all went living her behind to wash the dishes as usual.her mother come from the gave giving her a very beautiful dress and a pair of shoe and a horse to take her to the party.

By juliet

October 15, 2019

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